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Updated July, 2014
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I pay the highest prices !


The condition of the bottle is everything !
I cannot stress enough, CONDITION !!!!!!!
Not just free of cracks or chips, but free
of all flaws such as case wear and scratches
One scratch can devalue the bottle as
much as 50%, often even more.
Case wear , mid-bottle rings is a deal
breaker if you want a "good condition"
bottle or "nice" bottle.  A bottle with a
scratch should not be called "very good
condition", because it's just not.
As a collector, you should strive to get
bottles that are in the very best condition.

Repairs are a deal breaker too.  Repairs
render the bottle virtually worthless to
a serious collector for a quality collection.
Repairs are not really repairs either.  The
proper term should be replacements.  You
cannot repair a lip or top, people
replace them with other tops and glue.
A bottle with a chipped lip is worth
more than a bottle with a replaced top.

If you have a damaged bottle in your
collection, a bottle with even a small
scratch, you should be looking for an
upgrade.  Always be on the lookout for
upgrades and stay away from damaged
bottles if you want a quality collection.
Sometimes, to have a bottle, you will
have to start with a damaged bottle
just to have one, but do not be
satisfied with it and upgrade when
you can.  I'm in the process of trying
to upgrade my bottles even if they only
have one small flea bite.  So, if
it can be avoided, stay away from bottles
with scratches, flea bites, and other flaws.
Only buy a damaged bottle if you intend
to upgrade it as soon as you can .

Also, you need "clean" bottles, not
stained, not cloudy, not frosty, but
clean and clear bottles in your collection.

Colorization of bottles affects the value in
a negative way as well.  Irradiation is used
by unscrupulous dealers to fool novice
bottle collectors.  A bottle that has been
turned purple, amethyst, brown, amber,
citron, yellow-green is worthless.  If it's
the original color, it's okay, but it's a deal
breaker if it's been colored artificially.

The bottom line is, condition affects value.
You should always try to have the best bottle
that you can find, and if you have one with
damage, as are some of mine, you should
always be looking for a better quality bottle
to replace it with so that you have the nicest
collection possible.  Don't settle for less than
the best that you can find for your collection.

More about
Fake Amber Cokes

Amber, Brown, amethyst,
and purple Georgia contour
(hobbleskirt) Coca-Cola
bottles are fake.  The color
is not original.  The bottles
have been colorized and this
devalues the bottle by 99%-100%.
A contour Coke that has been
colored has zero collectible value.
These bottles in their original state
are clear, green, aqua, blue, or
occassionally pinkish.  Brown,
amber, dark purple, and citron
were never original colors of contour
Coca-Cola bottles from Georgia towns.
Fake colored bottles abounds on Ebay,
so buyer beware.


About Hutch bottles
4 Decades of Use

The Hutchinson stopper top was
patented in 1879 and Hutchinson
bottles were used well into teens
and probably well into the 1920's.
The Brunswick, GA Coca-Cola Hutch
wasn't even produced until the early
1900's.  Hutch bottles were used for
over 40 years, 4 decades of usage.
Obviously, there was overlap with
blob top and crown top bottles.
Collector Lingo

BIM is Blown In Mold

BIMAL is Blown In Mold Applied Lip

does not mean the embossed name
is in the center of the bottle, I repeat does
NOT mean mid-bottle embossing.
A slug plate is the impression in the
bottle where the town, brand, or other
information is molded into the glass.
You can have a rectangular slug plate
located on the lower portion of the bottle
or you can have a shoulder or center
slug plate of any shape. A slug plate
bottle is not always the familiar mid-bottle
embossing found on many Bottling Works
bottles.  The slug plate is the depression
in the glass and can be anywhere and any shape, round, square, or whatever.

So, BIM, BIMAL, and Slugplate
are not anything special at all.
These do not add value or take
away value, just ignore it when
you see it in a tittle on Ebay.

Usually people who have very little
knowledge, but want you to think that
they are experts use these terms, ...
.......USUALLY (not always).

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those of you
who supported my Athens bottle
& pottery show !  Also, special
thanks to those of you who call,
email, and visit me daily with
bottles for sale and trade.  I get
dozens of calls, emails, and
visitors per day from people
wanting to help me add to my
bottle collection, and I appreciate
your help.  Althought the Athens
bottle show will be no more,
I'm still adding to my collection
and have added an average
of 2 bottles per day this year.
Thank You, and keep finding
those rare bottles !!



Here's what I collect ...

- Embossed GA medicine bottles,

- Athens, GA soda bottles

- Embossed bottles from
Thomasville, GA..........
Moultrie, GA.................
Meigs, GA.....................
Coolidge, GA................
Boston, GA...................
Pavo, GA.......................
Sylvester, GA................
Cairo, GA......................
Whigham, GA................
Quitman, GA.................

- Coca-Cola contour bottles,
1915, 1923, Pat D, & Patent Office
from any town in Georgia.

- Hutchinson & Blob Top bottles
from anywhere in Georgia
(no damaged or repaired bottles)

Mostly collect Contour Cokes
from the state of Georgia

- I only collect the bottles listed
above, however, I buy and sell
many different types of GA bottles. I buy and sell rare straight sided
Coca-Cola bottles from Georgia.

See which Hutchinson
bottles I collect, click here

New Finds



WINDER GA (oval shoulder slug)
center slug plate

(The only verified
known Jesup Coke bottle)


I will pay you the highest prices
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the most fair prices !!!  Try Me.

Sam Evans
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Specializing in Georgia Soda Bottles &
all Athens Georgia Bottles & Collectibles


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or just someone who found an old bottle
in and attic or barn; if so, and you want to
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and turn your treasure or trash into
hard cold cash !  I buy GA bottles.


Collector Spotlight


Lanier County
Georgia Pottery


$100 Reward
I will pay $100 for a
Sylvania, GA 6 1/2 FL OZ
Coca-Cola bottle in good condition
Call Sam 706 613-0224


$100 for Lawrenceville PAT D 105529
$50 for misspelled WREN
$50 for misspelled MONRO
$150 PELHAM 1915 or 1923

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